Why does your Dog eat Grass?

You may or may not notice this, but when you take your dog for a walk you may catch him or her munching on some long blades of grass. Is this normal?

Technically, yes. It’s natural behaviour but surely it’s not a very “normal” thing for your dog to be doing? After all your companion is a dog… not a sheep. Here’s some information on why your dog may be taking to eating grass on its walks.

Why is my dog eating grass?

The most common answer to this that people will tell you is that dogs will eat grass if they’re feeling unwell. This is because it supposedly makes them vomit. However, this isn’t always agreed on as experts don’t believe dogs are smart enough to attempt to treat an unsettled stomach.

There is a strong possibility that it could be to do with not getting enough fibre in their diet. But there’s also suggestions such as improving digestion as well as tackling intestinal worms. Having said all this, your dog just might be a little strange and enjoys the taste and feel of grass…

Should I take action?

There are a few things you can try out to see if it cuts down on your dog eating grass, helping you get to the route of it.

If you suspect that boredom is the reason your dog is taking to a grassy meal, then try doing more exciting things when walking and exercising. Frisbees, balls, any sort of stimulating game should help. Also, try getting some more exciting chew toys to take focus away from eating grass.

A change of diet to something higher in fibre may well take away that need for chewing on grass. Your dog likely doesn’t know why it wants to eat grass, but if a higher intake of fibre sorts it, then it won’t matter anymore.

Can eating grass be harmful?

Experts generally agree that if you dog eats grass then it’s not really going to have any negative impact. In the wild, dogs probably would have grazed bits of grass anyway.

The only thing to worry about is pesticides that are used to treat lawns, as well as any garden plants that could be toxic to your dog.

In conclusion, your dog will be fine if it keeps eating grass. But if you try out the suggested methods then you may see a decrease in this strange behaviour.

Image: Vet24

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