Why do Dogs scratch their Beds before Sleeping?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes your dog may scratch its bed before laying down for a snooze? It’s a pretty goofy thing that we just laugh off, but what’s the reason behind it?

Dogs do some funny and strange things, and this is one of them, but there has to be a reason for it. Surely? Let’s look into the possible reasoning behind our pooches clawing their bed before bedtime.


The same way we make our bed and smooth our sheets so it’s comfy the next time we get there, dogs have this urge to rearrange their bedding for greater comfort.

Makes sense, really.


It’s possible that when a dog does this it could be attempting to dig a den for hiding in. The circling would be to flatten tall grass and to form a comfortable surface.

However, this will obviously not go down too well on a modern flat floor with a dog bed!


Scratching could be an attempt at achieving a more preferable temperature. In the wild, this would be done to make it warmer if it were snowy or cold by removing it, or to make it cooler in the heat by reaching a cooler stratum of earth.

This behaviour would often be seen outside but may also continue indoors on the dog bed.

Maternal Nesting

In a pregnant dog, scratching the bed is known as nesting, and is also an indicator that she may be ready to have her puppies.


If your dog is only scratching at its bed, then that’s fine. However, if it starts to go further than that and results in destroyed furniture, then you need to step in.

The best thing to do is to give your dog a rug in their favourite spot(s) so they can arrange themselves to their suiting. Teach your dog to only use these areas for sleeping. Also make sure it’s a surface they won’t be able to damage.

As weird and goofy as it seems, there are a few reasons for a dog to be scratching their bed. The more you know! Any information to add to this list or that needs looking over? Let us know in the comments below!

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