Tips for keeping your Dog’s teeth Healthy

Just like humans should, dogs have to keep up their dental hygiene. It’s actually recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily, but let’s face it – none of us dog owners do that.

While brushing your dog’s teeth will sort out any gum disease, plaque and irritation, there are other ways you can keep your dog’s dental hygiene up to shape without battling your pup with a tooth brush on a daily basis.

After meal Chew Toys

Hard rubber or nylon toys are apparently great for scraping and cleaning a dog’s teeth. If you get toys along these lines and encourage your dog to chew on them after every meal it will contribute to keeping their teeth stronger and muck free. A good choice for example, could be a KONG, stuffed with a tasty treat or two.

If you prefer your dog to have a dried meat chew that will also have the same effect. Dried beef ears or snouts, tendons and oesophagus tend me among favourites.

Veggie and Fruit snacks

You probably wouldn’t think to give your dog much veggie or fruit types of foods, but the likes of carrots, apple or even pumpkin make great alternatives to treats. They don’t stick to your dog’s teeth as much as regular treats, making it better for their teeth.

Brushing your dog’s teeth

As mentioned before, apparently you’re supposed to brush your dog’s teeth daily. However, I don’t really know a single dog owner who does this. If your dog’s breath gets a bit rancid though, applying the toothbrush and tooth paste is often the best solution.

If you can make a habit of doing this every so often, especially in more senior dogs, it will help a lot with their breath and dental hygiene. You can get specially designed dog tooth brushes and meaty flavoured tooth paste for them.

The only difficult side to this can be actually pinning your pup down to get it done. It might turn into a game to them and become quite difficult…

Any more tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth squeaky clean that we’ve missed out? Drop a comment below and let us know how you deal with your pooch’s plaque!

Image: Kong

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