The Truth behind Rawhide Dog Chews

Dogs need something to chew, it’s what keeps them occupied and stimulated as well as relieving any stress. However, are they really something we want to be giving to our pooches? Or are there better alternatives?

As I’m sure you know, rawhide chews are made from the inner hides of beef and lamb. They can get a bit smelly after some use, and make a gross mess if they get left in the garden and it rains.

They’re not the prettiest things in the world, but they keep our dogs happy. This got us thinking about alternatives, but first let’s see why we even chose rawhide in the first place.

Benefits of Rawhide

Rawhide chews are very hard, which is great for a dog’s teeth as well as keeping their jaw strong. Despite what I just said about them being smelly, they do actually contribute to keeping your dog’s breath fresh too.

Chews made from these are a great alternative to something that most certainly should be chewed, such as shoes or slippers, or just about anything you don’t want a dog destroying!

A lot of rawhide chews come with flavouring too which is a nice tasty treat for your pooch.

Hazards of Rawhide

Unfortunately, chewing on rawhide does have its hazards and disadvantages. For example, any flavoured chews are best not swallowed, and odds are that your dog is going to eat a chew that you give to it. Without these flavourings it tends to be fine, but with them it can be unhealthy for them.

The primary reason a lot of people may choose not to give their dog a rawhide chew tends to be because of choking and blockages. You should always supervise your dog with a rawhide chew, just be sure that they’re not getting in any kind of trouble.

Alternatives to Rawhide

If you’re not happy about giving your dog rawhide due to these risks, there are always alternatives. We suggest any hard and healthy dog treats or even just a tough chewy toy.

See the list below for some great alternatives to rawhide chews. Some are toys, so they should last a log time!

KONG Dental Stick
Nylabone Chews for “Extreme Chewers”
Beams Dog Treats
Antos Fallow Deer Antler Chew
Whimzees Natural Dental Chews

Do you have any preferred alternatives to rawhide dog chews? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Ceaser’s Way

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