Should I get a Cat, or a Dog?

So, you’re wanting a house pet, but you’re entirely sure which one is going to be bested suited to you. Do you get a dog? Do you get a cat? Do you get either? 

Before committing to a house pet, you need to do as much research as possible, like you should with any pet. The likes of cats and dogs are practically family members, so you should never just go out and buy or adopt on a whim.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you decide whether either of these pets is appropriate for you and your life style. There is no bias towards which is “better” since we adore both pets. It’s purely down to what’s right for you!


Dogs are a lot more active than cats, and you are likely to bond much more with them. If you’re a very outdoors type of person then that’s already a good sign that a dog is right up your street. It also helps if you either live in a rural area or have easy access to parks, as dogs need daily exercise and stimulation.

If you work long hours, you need to consider whether you can give a dog the amount of attention it needs. Naturally, dogs live in packs and you are their leader. They don’t like to be left alone too long, and also need time set aside for training, play time and grooming.

As a whole, if you love to be outdoors and want a furry friend to spend a lot of your time that is also a loving family member, then a dog is right for you.


Not everybody has the time that a dog deserves, and that’s where a cat might be your more suitable family member. Cats are fairly independent and are happy to get on with things while you’re out and about with your daily life.

With the likes of litterboxes, scratching posts, topped up food and water as well as outdoor access if you can provide it, your cat can keep itself occupied during the day as you work (or just sleep, which they often do) until you arrive home. They’re very self sufficient and don’t need to be walked like dogs.

While cats are independent creatures, they’re also very social, and while they won’t be as energetic or enthusiastic as a dog, they’re still happy to spend time with their owners and enjoy lots of cuddles and play time.

Hopefully this quick guide can help you decide whether a cat or dog is best suited for you, if either of them. Did this come in useful for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: CNN


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