How old is your Cat in Human Years?

It’s known fact that our dearest pets aren’t on this Earth as long as us. They age a lot quicker than us and in the same time we would become a teenager, they become a pensioner.

On average a domestic cat usually lives up to 16 years, sometimes more. The first year of their life is pretty much going from infant to adulthood.

To help you understand how old your cat is biologically, here’s a little table that roughly translates their age into human years. See below:

Human Years Cat Years
1 18
2 24
3 30
4 35
5 38
6 42
7 47
8 50
9 55
10 60
11 65
12 70
13 75
14 80
15 85
16 90

If your cat is older than 16, then you probably already guessed that your kitty is hitting his or her 100’s in cat years!

We hope this helps your understand your cats age. If you have any more questions please let us know!


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