How often should your Dog visit the Vet?

A visit to the vet is essential to your Dog’s health. Vet treatment for your pup should start from the beginning of their life, but the frequency of your dog’s visit can depend on its breed, age, health and lifestyle.

An annual check up is always good, as the vet can identify any potential health problems that your dog may come across, ask you questions regarding its lifestyle as well as some dental health checks.

We’ve outlined how often you should take your dog for a vet visit, depending on its age and breed when appropriate:


From the moment your puppy is born, up to about 4 months old, your vet should be checking your puppy every month. When transporting them to a vet though, be sure to get a suitable travel cage, as they can be very energetic!

This is to keep them up to date with all their vacinations, as well as discuss any concerns you may have as it develops. Your vet can also take blood tests this way to look for any puppy problems, such as distemper and parvovirus.


Typically a dog will mature between 2 and 3 years old, depending on the breed. However, at 6 months they should be fine taking 2 or 3 trips to the vet to make sure all is okay.

A healthy dog will require a wellness visit so they can get certain vaccinations, have their examined, have a tick, flea and worm prevention prescription filled out, as well as have their poop examined.

If your dog is a breed that is prone to genetic conditions, then it is vital that you get these medical checks.


In smaller dog breeds, they are generally considered to be hitting senior years at around 8 years old, where larger breeds it can be around 6 years old.

As your dog gets older, your vet will need to check for any physical changes that your dog may be going through, as well as any dietry changes that may be needed.

It’s best to keep in mind that senior dogs are a lot more prone to health conditions like arthritis, cancer, heart conditions among other things. Routine health checks can help catch signs of these at an early stage to stop them worsening and giving your dog a chance at a better quality life.

Annual Examinations & Emergency

All in all, you should be taking your dog to the vets at least once a year regardless, just to be sure all is going well. As soon as your dog hits its senior years then bring that to once every 6 months, even if your dog seems okay.

This gives the chance to allow your vet to examine your dog and identify any potential health problems that aren’t too obvious in their early stages.

It’s also worth noting your vet’s emergency services. Some vets will offer 7 days a week care but they may refer you elsewhere if you have an emergency to tend to out of their hours.

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