Do our Pets understand what we are saying?

Everybody talks to their pet as if they’re a person. But do our pets actually understand what we’re saying to them?

Obviously there are certain words that have meaning to them. For example: “Walk”, “Biscuit”, “Treat” and anything else you’ve associated with excitement. But it makes you wonder, after all this time of talking to your pet, does it REALLY understand you?

Well, as it turns out, scientists have been trying to find the answer to this question for a long time, and they appear to have concluded that some species of apes, dogs and even dolphins are capable of understand spoken language.


Apparently, dogs are able to differentiate the names of different items if they are taught their names. Research carried out into this was done on Border Collies who were able to differentiate at least 70 different items, and even use a process of elimination to figure out new toys that they weren’t familiar with.

Actions seem to be understood too in a lot of dogs, as you may well already know. If you teach your dog the word sit then it (should) know what that means. Same goes with the likes of “wait” and “go”. This further proves that dogs can understand us to some degree.


Cats are slightly different to dogs when it comes to understanding us. While it’s believed that cats can understand up to 40 human words, they are a lot more emotional than dogs and will respond to human emotion.

A happy person is much more likely to be approached by a cat, but if you’re angry or unhappy for any reason then a cat will tend to avoid you. You will probably spot this when you see one out and about. If you’re friendly and welcoming the cat is likely to want to say hello. If you ignore it or appear unhappy to it then it will keep away.

The most interesting thing about cats communicating is that a lot of it relies on body language. It’s important to understand your cat so you can bond a lot better.

Do you think your pet understands you? Let us know your stories in the comments.

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