Cats that have had enough of their Humans

It’s arguable that cat’s don’t have owners, they have servants. This could be true, but it could also just be a phrase made up by a biased dog owner!

Having said that, cats can get quite tired of their humans at times. Here’s ten examples of when a kitty has just about had enough of their human companions and shows them how it is!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing cruel or violent here, just some silly people getting what they deserve!

Angry Lion

Angry Lion Cat

Looks like somebody isn’t quite a fan of their new lion outfit. Can’t say I blame this kitty for that kind of reaction.

Haircut Day

Hair Cut Cat

Haircuts aren’t for everyone. Cats included. Now that’s a displeased face that’s hard to forget.

“Don’t Touch Me”

Angry at Hand Cat

If you cat says stop, then stop! Unless you want an arm covered in scratches that is.

Walks are for Dogs

Dragging Cat

This human can think again if they think they can get away with taking this kitty out for a stroll.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock Cat

Knock and run is a bit more dangerous if you plan to play this prank on a cat’s residence.

Got any footage or pictures of your cat telling you off? Share in the comments for a chance to be featured in future articles!

Image credits: GIPHY

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