6 Famous Dogs from around the World

It’s not just humans that earn the status of fame, animals also get recognised for their good deeds too! More specifically for this article we’ll be focusing on famous dogs from across the globe.

When researching for this piece, we realised there are A LOT of famous canines out there, so we’ve kept it down to 6 special individuals for now. We’ll definitely be back for more later on though!


Faith the bipedal dog

Image: Hero Highlight

Faith has to be one of the most unique dogs to ever walk the earth. If you thought all dogs were 4-legged animals, then think again, as Faith was bi-pedal (meaning she walked on two legs).

Born in Oklahoma City with only three legs, Faith only had two fully developed hind legs. Her third front leg was deformed and had to be amputated when she was 7 months old after it began to atrophy. Faith’s owner, Jude Stringfellow, adopted her after her mother was found trying to smother her due to her deformities.

Vets advised to have Faith euthanized since it was no quality of life for a dog with only two hind legs, but Jude wouldn’t give up on her. With the help of a spoonful of peanut butter, Jude taught Faith to hop and from there onwards, Faith managed to teach herself to walk upright on her hind legs.

Faith became quite well known to soldiers as she visited over 2,300 wounded warriors from around the world in hospitals and wards. She was given a non-commision rank of E5 Sgt. at Fort Lewis in Washington, and wore her ACU jacket proudly on visits to soldiers.

Unfortunately, in September 2014, Faith passed away at the age of 11. However, she will be remembered by many for eternity and had an amazing life.



Image: About Dogs

It’s a sad fact that dogs don’t live as long as humans. The average lifespan for a dog can be anywhere between 9 to 15 roughly, depending on the breed, but Bluey took this to the extreme.

Bluey was an Australian Cattle Dog born in June 1910, but lived on until November 1939. That’s a whopping 29 years and 5 months, making Bluey the oldest dog to ever be verified by the Guinness World Records.

There are claims for other dogs that have lived longer, such as Chilla who allegedly lived to 32 and Maggie that supposedly lived to 30. However, since none have been verified, Bluey still holds the title for longest living dog.



Image: nbc

Great Danes are renowned for being tall, but hailing from Michigan was Zeus – the tallest of the lot. When stood on his hind legs, Zeus measured 7 feet and 5 inches long and stood at 3’8″ from the foot to his withers.

This made Zeus the tallest dog that’s ever been known and was verified twice in 2012 and 2013 by the Guinness World Records. I bet he was a joy to have sat on your lap when you sit on the sofa!

Sadly, Great Danes aren’t known to live very long and Zeus passed at the age of 5 in 2014 after showing symptoms of old age for a while.



Image: periskopi

Laika was a Soviet space dog, and proved to humanity that living organisms could survive being launched into orbit and survive in a micro-g environment after a lot of scientists were doubtful of its possibility.

She was a stray dog from the streets of Moscow before being selected to be the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2. In 1957, Laika became the first ever animal sent to space to orbit the Earth, and paved way for the future of human space flight.

Things get a bit sour here though, as Laika was never expected to survive the flight regardless. It was originally claimed that Laika was euthanised by oxygen depletion so she would go unconscious and pass peacefully on her 6th day in orbit, but in 2002 it was revealed she died within a few hours of the flight due to overheating.

Laika’s experiment caused a lot of controversy and debate about the use of animals in science. Her loss was described as “regrettable” and not having her retrieved alive was “undoubtedly a great loss for science”. After the Soviet’s collapse in 1991, some scientists displayed regret for allowing Laika to die, claiming they didn’t learn enough to justify her death.

In 2008, Russian officials unveiled a monument dedicated to Laika in her honour, which depicted a dog on top of a rocket.



Image: Get Leashed

Barry der Menschenretter, or just Barry for short, was an early breed of St. Bernard that worked as a mountain rescue dog in Switzlerland between 1800 and 1812. He was a hero, and has been credited to saving over 40 lives during his lifetime.

He was a lighter breed than the modern St. Bernard but is described as the most famous of his kind due to his heroic efforts as a mountain rescue dog. He retired in 1812 and lived on until 1814, and after his death his body was passed into the care of the Natural History museum of Bern where his skin was preserved through taxidermy.

One of Barry’s most famous rescue stories was that of a young boy found asleep in an ice cave after being trapped by an avalanche. Barry warmed up the boy’s body sufficiently by licking him, and then moved the boy about and onto his back where he was carried back to the hospice and survived.

Not all heroes wear capes! At the Great St. Bernard Hospice in Switzerland where Barry worked, there has always been one dog named in his honour.



Image: Pinterest

Born in 2007 in Ōdate, Japan, comes a very special Chihuahua. Heart-kun has a perfect brown heart-shaped patch on his white fur, making him very popular to the public. His breeder has been breeding for a long time, but never had they come across such a unique marking.

Heart-kun’s owner, Sakurada, gets many requests to have her dog bought off her but she refuses every single one, as she believes Heart-kun’s unique marking is bringing her and her family good luck. This isn’t just superstition either, since two months after Heart-kun’s birth Sakurada’s sister won the lottery!

This pup is still with us today, and ever since being featured on a Japanese TV ad in the first place has been quite the local celebrity in the country. He’s also a dad to four puppies, a few of which also bare a heart shape on their fur.

We hope you found these 6 famous canines interesting! We’ll definitely be back to covering more at a later point, but for now let us know if you have any favourite famous pups you wish to bring to the light!

Featured Image credit: imagenese.4ever.com

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