5 Reasons you SHOULD consider Adopting a Pet

When you’ve done all of your research, and finally made the decision that you want to get a pet, you may be tempted to just go to your local pet store and find your next best friend there.

While there isn’t anything totally wrong with this, you should really look into adopting with any kind of pet possible first – especially the likes of dogs, cats, rodents and farm animals.

We are aware that adoption isn’t for everyone due to their circumstances, and that’s fine. However, we do encourage that you do what you can to make adoption right as there are a lot of pets that are in need for their forever home.

Here’s a list 5 reasons why we strongly encourage you to prioritise adoption over buying:

You’ve saved a Life

It’s estimated that dogs and cats that are put to sleep due to having no forever home is well within the millions. It’s a horribly sad reality that people treat animals like dirt, and if there’s no forever home for them then that is how it ends for them.

You could be saving an animals life by adopting and preventing this from happening. Puppies from breeders may seem great, and they are, but they’ll have no trouble finding a home. Shelter animals though are in much greater need of a new home, and you can contribute to reducing this problem.

You save Money

Purchasing a new pet can cost you hundreds of pounds, depending on its breed. However, adoption fees are far less and the money goes towards the shelter to help other homeless animals.

As well as supporting a great cause, a lot of shelter animals will often already be spayed/neutered and vaccinated, saving you the hassle and cost of sorting it yourself.

You can pick a Pet of any age

Puppies and kittens and just baby animals in general are absolutely amazing and adorable. However, they’re also a lot of work and require a lot of training in order to behave.

Adoption gives you option to get a dog that is more suiting to your lifestyle, where all this training has been done already. If an older dog or cat is more suited to your lifestyle then this could be the answer to your perfect pet.

You’re allowing a second chance

Pets in shelters are quite often there under no fault of their own. It’s commonly the owner’s fault that they’re been put there, and it’s quite heart breaking in these situations.

It can be serious reasons such as divorce, bad health in the owner etc. which is very unfortunate, but also some silly reasons by irresponsible humans such as “he’s too big now” or just “I don’t want him anymore”.

It’s painfully sad when people just give up their pet for such reasons, but you can allow this perfectly healthy animal to be given a second chance at a happy home.

You’re not supporting Mills

Puppy mills are a well-kept secret in the pet industry, and they provide a lot of pet stores with their stock. It’s not just puppies that can come from mills though, it can happen with kittens or rodents alike.

The background of these animals is unknown, and they tend to be severely inbred which causes health and behaviour problems down the line. Choosing to adopt avoids supporting this inhumane act of treating animals as nothing more than numbers.

If you are able to adopt then you most definitely should. However, if you are buying from a breeder then be sure to do background checks and DO NOT support pet mills!

If there’s any more info you’d like to add to this list or you have adoption stories you’d like to share, feel free to comment!

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